Alex Villena

American Bully judge (Spain)

Alex Villena is the owner of Girobulls American Bully breeding station. Animals, but dogs in general, have always been a part of his life from an early age, as he has always lived with different breeds and sizes since birth. At the end of his studies, he began to focus on continuing education focused on the veterinary field, thus completing the veterinary assistant and veterinary technician course. He discovered the American Bully around 2013, although without knowing it as such, he had already drawn it in his head for many years. In 2015, he decided to take a step and get his first dog, Enzo, with whom he went to show after show and managed to get into the breed from the inside, he managed to make Enzo ABKC champion even before he was 2 years old. Years later, he acquired Rhino, he was an essential tool to start responsible and selective breeding, which he still works on today and fully trusts his idea.

Today, based on effort and selection, he has puppies exported all over the world, making the Girobulls family even bigger!

Today it can already be said that American Bully is a lifestyle for him, and in these years his goal was to improve day by day, to constantly learn from the best and try not to lose the essence into which he fell thanks to American Bully. At this time he is very much in love with his work, trying to contribute his experiences in this incredible race. Those who know him very well what his idea of ​​an American bully is, a muscular dog, powerful, but especially correct. He strives to find the balance that he believes is essential in the breed, while always upholding the breed standard that marks the way forward.

He enjoyed judging in Italy, where he was later called back, in the Netherlands, where he enjoyed the high quality of the dogs on the show, where he was able to get his hands on specimens from prominent breeders from all over the world, and finally in his home country of Spain, where he always enjoys judging the high quality of dogs, which requires maximum concentration in every detail.

His demands on himself are very high, as well as on the exhibitors, he pays attention to proper preparation, but even so he likes the atmosphere and fun of exhibitions. After all, it is the passion that unites us all.

Mainly because of his opinions and experience, we dared to invite him to our show ABR Euro Bully Showdown Czech Republic and we are very happy that he accepted our invitation.

Aleksandro Ferencak

Exotic Bully judge (Croatia)

Aleksandro Ferencak lives in Croatia, his passion for the American Bully breed began 12 years ago. He bought his first bully in Germany from Topline Bullys and that’s where it all started. He bred 6 generations from the standard style, pocket and micro version of the American Bully breed. His first show was many years ago, when Exotic Bulls were just beginning in Europe. His dogs were under the EBKC register of Andrea Selvaggi. His dogs are also under Micro Bull owned by Stephane Benh and ABR owned by Dany West and Antonio De Marzo. He always liked to see real rough dogs, he especially loved the short muzzle and the look of the mask and eyes. For him, exotic dogs should and must first of all be healthy and above all to have good movement. The dog should have a square head with a short muzzle, bull neck, short back, strong back, good bones on long straight legs, color and tail is always a plus. He really loves this breed so much that it brings happiness and meaning to his life. Aleksandro was the first to bring bulls to Croatia. He is one of the most honest and fair people in this world.

Pollo Garcia

American Bully judge (Mexico/USA)

Daniel “Pollo” Garcia is the owner of Chachos Extreme Line.  He has dual Nationality (Mexican / American) and has dedicated over 10 plus years to developing the finest quality canines.

As a testament of Daniel’s passion and trajectory for the American Bully Breed has produced several Champions which is one of the requirements to be able to be a Judge (Produce Champions)  and his production has reached different parts of the world.

Daniel’s great love for the American Bully breed has led him to work with the American Bully breed and became a Judge in 2014.  He’s participated as International Judge in more than 50 events.  His judging assignments have taken him to many regions around the world, including México, USA, Central America, South America and Europe.

Daniel has 8 years of experience as a judge and has had the honor to work for 7 different registries as official Judge WBA, BPKC, AEKC,  AGEB, DTB, ABR and ABBC

Being a Judge is something that exciting to him and that’s why his commitment is to always strictly follow the rules of the Breed Standards that’s why he enjoys everything related with dogs and it will be a pleasure to share his passion and knowledge with each and every one of you.

Stephane Benh

Exotic Bully judge (France)

Stephane is the owner of Bigbenbullies.

He is a real OG, just as that acronym defines, a man who has been around a long time and has done a lot for the breed. There is someone, as the founder of this whole, belonging to the old school. One of the main pillars of this style.

His name probably doesn’t mean anything to most of you, people mostly know him from the old school. He is highly recognized and respected among long-time breeders. That’s why he was our number 1 choice in the judge selection from the beginning and we are very honored that he accepted our invitation.

He was the very first to bring the American Bully to Europe. He has been producing dogs since 2007 and over the years, like most breeders, he has gone through different styles.

I don’t know anyone with more passion for the breed than him. The one, who moved the levels in the breeding of this breed several times. He follows his own path, which always brings something new to the bully community and thus sets trends in the breeding of this dogs. He is a role model for many breeders.

No one in Europe has as many years of breeding experience as Stephane. Who else should evaluate your dog at the show better than him, an expert in this word.

Anita Gáti

Junior handler judge (Hungary)

Anita Gáti is the owner of Moonshine Bullies. She lives in Hungary, she has been working with American Bully since 2014 and since then they have taken over the main role in her life.

Since then, she has presented her own breed dogs at exhibitions all over Europe with outstanding results.

 She is dedicated to maintaining the character of the American Bully breed. She has also visited America several times to take part in the ABKC National exhibitions. This has also improved her knowledge and experience to gain first-hand experience of the American Bully’s place of origin.

 In 2019, she organized the most high-quality ABKC exhibition in Europe, where she invited the judges from America. During their stay with her, they gave her extra knowledge.

 As a judge, she has been participating in exhibitions such as the ABR and BBR and other non-club exhibitions since 2022. She has received invitations before, but since the task of being a judge is a very responsibility-conscious job, and the nature of the breed is largely determined by the judgments, that is why she decided 1 year ago to accept the invitations, which she does with the same care and attention as breeding.

 We can proudly say that there are dogs from her kennel all over the world, with very successful results.

Milan Dragon

Fun show judge (Slovakia / Czech Republic)

Co-founder of Deadline kennels.

Milan was the very first in the former Czechoslovakia to start breeding the American Bully. He and his partner founded Deadline kennels around 2009. He is one of the first OGs in Central Europe ever. He imported and brokered dogs from the world’s leading kennels, especially from the USA, not only for himself, but also for other breeders. Deadline kennels helped launch American Bully production at many breeders in several countries and thus laid the foundations of their programs. Among other things, he was successful with his offspring at several exhibitions throughout Europe, as well as several breeders with dogs produced by his kennel.

Deadline kennels was even in the TOP 10 best kennels in Europe in 2011 and after a short break they are back in the game. We asked Milan to cooperate on our exhibition and fortunately he gladly accepted the invitation. Well, here we have it! Our mutual cooperation is far from ending with this project. You will be hearing a lot about him and Deadline kennels again.